V and J love


- my hair looking like a German BDSM porn star
- gin + ginger beer + blackcurrant
- the concept of spitroasts
- playing the ex box
- porn pros and cons
- lounging
- laughing
- biological clocks tick tock
- "when you're a dad and hold a mini you in your arms you probably feel like you can take over the world"

Peace out and Hell yeah!
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Wishing time wouldn't move so slowly

So I still don't feel particularly well, but I certainly feel much calmer than I did. I think I've found a flatmate and I'm registered for university next year. I just want time to fast forward and for everything to be together and calmer.

I shouldn't wish my life away, but I am.

Peace out and keep on trucking.
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Attack of the killer tonsils, flatmates and poor gigs

Well it's official. Once again Miss Gillian has tonsillitis! I blame the filthy back to school children I was dealing with when I was at work. Filthy germ spreading beasts.

Alanis Morissette last night was a bit let down. The band were rubbish, her mike levels were terrible and she just wasn't inspiring me at all. To top all of that off, I was not well (duh) and had fallen down outside seriously hurting my knee and twisting my ankle. Clever old me.

I put up an advert for a new flatmate online yesterday and have one confirmed viewing with two likely potential ones. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I just found someone this easily? I'm not going to get my hopes up, but it might work out in my favour for once.

Anyway. Must stop typing. Am in much pain and just want to curl up and try to stop sweating. What a life I have.
Woo hoo.

Peace out and God damn you.
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I can't face going home....

 ...so I sit on Dougal's computer typing nonsense while he busies himself getting ready to move. I aimed to leave here early this afternoon. Considering that it is now almost 8pm, I think I failed miserably.

This afternoon had a brilliant beginning. The wonderfulsexygorgeoushandsomeeroticallysexual man and I went for a wander to see where his new flat is going to be. I was suitably admiring and am looking forward to seeing it fully (hopefully on Thursday). This was followed by a toddle along to the Carling Academy so I could confirm its loaction before Alanis Morissette tomorrow night (!!!!!!!!). We culminated our adventure with a trip to Somerfield where we purchased a yum yum rotisserie chicken, bread, kettle chips and ice cream before stumbling back into bed together. This was not all wonderful as after falling asleep in his loving arms I woke up feeling ill again. I obviously overdid it with the walking and the *ahem* bedroom activities. Ah well. I'm alive and drugged up now, so it's all groovy.

Anyway. I return to watching Dougal pack things up while half-assedly reading some Ian Rankin.

Peace out and toodle-pip
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Sunday bloody Sunday

..and so I have my first official day of summer holiday with no work or obligations to fulfill and what time do I wake up? 7:09 this morning. It is a Sunday for God's sake! A SUNDAY! It is now quarter to one, and exactly the time that I should be awakening. I blame Dougal and his early morning tendencies. How dare he!

Another news, leaving job was strangely anti climactic. I felt like I had been shoved out of the back door an hour before everyone else finished for the day and it was not the nicest of feelings. I think I may be missed, but I'm unsure whether it will be for more than a week. Oh well. I guess that's what happens. You leave and then you're forgotten.

Today appears to be a day spent with my sexylovelyfantasticmagicalboyfriendcreature Dougal. Goodness all round. Loving the Dougal. Loving the feeling of being in what appears to be a grown up and stable relationship. Good grief. What has happened to me???

Peace out and Achoo.

p.s Dougal sneezed on my face when we were in sleepy land. Not impressed. Must retaliate by vomiting on his genitals or other such glorious nonsense.
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It's official. My body hates me

I woke up this morning with my throat still killing me. I really don't take well to this whole being ill nonsense. I guess nobody does really, but I'm me and I'm who's really important to me. All hail selfish Gilly of the land of selfish people!

Anyway, today is my last day of work in shoe land and I don't know how I feel about it. I really can't be bothered with it at all, but I don't want to just disappear. I must must must get through today.

Peace out and God speed.
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here it goes again

Well, I'm attempting to reintroduce myself into the world of livejournal via an old old journal of mine. I have deleted all my previous entries bar one due to its general hilarity and how good it felt to remember that moment.

I always felt better in myself when I had something to write about, even if it was only my pathetic life! So here I am, in my pj's typing away nonsense in the dark. Oh how good it is to feel eighteen again!

So......life. Yes. I have none.


I have a life. I have a wonderfulamazingexcitinghandsomesexylovelynicespecialevillinagoodway boyfriend. Loving the Dougal. He makes me smile and squeal in various wonderful ways.

I have no life in the sense that I have few friends, I rarely go anywhere that doesn't include Dougal and well, I just quit my shoe monkey job in order to be a full on student monkey.

Anyway. I'm back. For good. In a rather Take That manner.

Peace out and all that jazz
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my friend vari

me - that stupid american guy said my boots made me look like sasquatch
vee - what?
me - that stupid american guy said my boots made me look like sasquatch
vee - what?
me - sasquatch
vee - what?
*I hold out my leg*
me - my furry boots make me look like sasquatch apparantly
vee - what's sasquatch?
me - it's like another name for bigfoot or a yeti or something
vee - oh. I thought it was a type of vegetable.......
me - *mad laughter*
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